Monday, April 20, 2015


I'd been working outside in the cold since early morning and had come into the house for a warm lunch. After lunch, still feeling the chill, I covered up with "the cloud" (a small comforter). Warming up, I felt drowsy and took a little snooze on the couch. Lasting 45 minutes, I felt like a million bucks on waking, and the bonus was an illuminating dream:

Looking out the back kitchen window I see two propellers, no airplanes attached, just propellers. Shiny and bright, they are hovering for a few minutes--as if to get my attention. Now, with my attention on them, they effortlessly push on going from back to front. They move quickly and silently. As the last propeller makes it over the roof, I shout out to the kids, "Go to the front, they're going over right now." The kids dash for the front.

I asked myself these questions: What are propellers? What is the significance of their flying over my house? What does their power represent? Why are there two? Where are they going? Why are the kids (all adults now) in the scene?

My thoughts over this dream centered on two challenges I faced at the time. One was my work life and the other was figuring out how to help a family member. It was a daily struggle to come up with something and I was at a loss. First the dream forced me to pay attention. Then, hovering over my house, it reminded me of transcendence over the two things challenging me, and the power to move forward. When I told the kids to "go to the front," I wanted them to see the power to move forward, also.

I had such good feelings when I woke up because I felt strongly that this was a sign that a resolution was on the way to rise above these two pressing issues. I can tell you that I was very grateful, when months later, the matters were resolved.

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