Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Chasing fame before accomplishment looks like the modern order of things. Rather than study or struggle through basic hard work and the skills acquired through experience, too often in today's world self-proclaimed trend setters seek to leap from embryonic stage directly to fame--no in between--the "in between" covering that area where the hard work begins. The place where you "humble yourself or life will do it for you." (Quote by Joubert Botha.) It is the place where you discover all the things you don't know. Where artifice is replaced by competence--results gained from toil and experience.

Who has not day-dreamed about the glory of fame sometimes? Daydreaming is OK. You can visit, you just don't want to live there or build upon a foundation fabricated by pure imagination. There are no shortcuts. Yet today we have seen those who embrace social media as the vehicle to instant fame, becoming dependent upon it for validation. Swearing allegiance to the screen, they shut themselves off from engagement in the greater world. And if their lean accomplishments appear wanting, falsehoods can always fill in the gaps--no real effort involved.

Instead of fame, then, maybe we should shoot for competence. Then, as our efforts bring about desired changes, we may still hold on to dreams, but be willing to put in the work required to realize our dreams.

Movie Star: Jess Aiken, Allposters
Music Collage: IrinaQQQ, Allposters